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There isn't a more exciting and exhilarating experience than walking through any of our campuses and seeing and hearing the enthusiasm of our students as they take an active part in the learning of Torah. This is true for our very youngest Nursery students as they eagerly learn about Shabbat and theChagim, for our first and second graders as they receive their new Siddurim and Chumashim and remains true all the way through the High School as our youngmen and women engage in thoughtful and fervent learning and discussion. Itcontinues, with equal vitality, at our Ruach Day Camp through our Chinuch program. Daily, we have the privilege of transmitting the heritage and knowledge of past generations to our students and campers, confident that they will then pass it on to generations to come.

You have the opportunity of becoming an integral part of this tradition of learning at HANC/Ruach Day Camp by becoming a Parnes Hayom - Supporter of the Day. The Gila Reinstein Parnes Hayom allows you to dedicate a day, or a month, of Torah study at any one, or all, of our schools, or at our day camp. This dedication may be made in memory of, or in honor of, a specific personor persons. You may also choose to commemorate a specific occasion or event such as a yarhzeit, birthday or anniversary. Of course, you may choose to dedicate a day of learning for no specific reason at all. Your dedications will be announced by the principal or camp director, and a certificate displayed, at the specific HANC or Ruach campus(es) on the date you choose.

The cost to participate in this most meaningful program is: $50 to dedicate a day of learning at any one of our Early Childhood Centers. $100 to dedicate a day of learning at either of HANC's Elementary Schools or the Middle School or the High School. $250 to dedicate a day of learning at all HANC campuses. $250 to dedicate a day of learning at Ruach Day Camp. $1000 to dedicate a month of learning at any one school. $1800 to dedicate a month of learning at all HANC campuses. Click here to make a dedication.
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